Sunday, July 27, 2014

Music In Action Bulletin Board Set

So in my classroom tour from a couple of years ago, many you have inquired about this! Where can I get your music in action form? Right?! Well, I finally got my act together and made a whole bulletin board set for you!

An example of how you could use the set!
The whole idea is to celebrate when your kiddos come to you and say something like..."Mrs A! I played on ___ website last night!" Or..."I looked up ___ video on YouTube to show my mom/dad." So, how do you recognize that your students pursue music outside of your class? I came up with the Music In Action bulletin board to do just that! You can use it for a year round bulletin board or for a monthly focus like Music In Our Schools Month! I personally have it up year 'round on a large bulletin board so I can recognize it year 'round. I also put up any musical pictures that they draw from me up there too. Because you always get those, right?! I hope you enjoy this and you can find a way to use it in your class!

You can get this set at my TpT store!  Check it out!

The set includes lettering, 4 musical kids, and the form that kids use to fill out for your bulletin board!  Let me know if you have any questions, requests, or suggestions!  Thanks!

Monday, July 21, 2014


So, how does one create their own logo, header, flier, etc on the cheap? Well, PicMonkey is a pretty great tool that's easy to use! If you're familiar with some simple photo editing software or things like Instagram as well, then PicMonkey might be a tool to use! Most things are free, but if you want to pay a monthly fee of $4.99 or a yearly one of $33, you can get some really cool features, too!

I wanted to give my blog a more updated look, something unique to me and to the blogging world. However, I wasn't quite ready yet to take a plunge and pay a pro to design it. I was toying around with PicMonkey to design my header and background image. It is so much more than a way to edit images. You can also use it to design many things, such as a logo, header, fliers, posters, etc. I HIGHLY recommend giving it a look.

There are several tutorials out there that people have posted to help you make a variety of things! I've listed some that I have found below.

And OF COURSE, if none of these tutorials help you out, there is always Pinterest! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Hey all!  Well, I have decided to jump right in and start a Teachers Pay Teachers store for selling some items. I know some of you have asked for things that I have created here and I thought the best way was to set up an account. Some of you may already have encountered my Daily Lesson Plan Template. It's up on my TpT site and it's for FREE! AND Editable! Always a bonus, right?!

I'm pretty excited for this!  All proceeds will be currently going towards our adoption. My husband and I have been currently in the process of growing our family through adoption. But unfortunately it's not a cheap endeavor! So I thought that I would get out in the world my teaching materials that I have slaved hours over and have that go towards our future family!

So, stay tuned for more updates on items that will pop up on my TpT Store!