Friday, August 31, 2012


That's right.  Pin-Terrorist.  As one of my fellow teachers (who really is like my brother) has loving called me, I'm a Pin-terrorist!  Which really is due to MANY of my conversations with him about sharing what I found that day on Pinterest.  I would go on and on about what I was going to do in my room and then he realized that I had a "problem."  I have spent so much time this summer on Pinterest (like many of you I'm sure can relate to) finding amazing ideas for my music classroom, which then led me to AMAZING music teacher blogs that I have become unbelievably addicted to and y'all have revolutionized my classroom!  With the help of a really close friend who now teaches in California and all you other amazing music teachers, I have become inspired to start my own blog to share my own ideas.

I have such a strong passion for my job.  My husband, who is my unwavering support, believes that becoming a teacher is a calling.  Man do I have an observant and supportive husband!  I never thought of it that way until he pointed it out several years ago.  He saw me working sometimes 12 hour days, go in on weekends, giving up my prep time to rehearse with students and got EXCITED for it!  And then he started realizing that teachers have a calling.  We spend so many hours on our craft, doing what's best for our students, prepping lessons, meetings upon meetings and do not get the full compensation for what we do, nor always full appreciation either.  However, we still do it!  Why?!  Because we LOVE our job.  So, is it really a "job?"  No, it's our passion.  It's our calling.  It's what we think about when we're walking through Target and see the dollar section!  Thinking, "Hmm...that would be great for my classroom!"  Am I, Right?!  It's why I have spent hours and days on Pinterest and got pumped to try something new in my classroom.  It's why I really haven't taught something exactly the same way twice my whole career.  I'm always looking to improve my skills as a teacher and willing to try something new if that means my students will learn something better.  And let's face it, we really don't get summers off, do we?  Sure we go on our much, MUCH needed vacations and spend time with family and friends school stress-free so we don't burn out from all the effort we put in each day at school.  But what else do we do during the summer?  Go to workshops, trainings, and classes to better improve our craft.  Because really, we just don't have the time during the school year.

I now look around my classroom and realize that I could say this about MANY spots in my room:
"This was found on this blog...This was found on that blog...I saw this on Pinterest...I saw that on Pinterest"  ...I think many of my colleagues have also become Pinterrorists because they have the same disease I do!  We have become Pinfected, haven't we!  And we don't care!!!  So go on my little Pinterrorists, keep pinning!  Keep working on perfecting your craft!  Keep getting excited about an amazing idea you want to try!  And don't be ashamed of where you found that idea!  It was PINTEREST!

Hello.  My name is Hillary.  And I'm addicted to Pinterest.

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