Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inspire Me!

 I'm a person who enjoys words and inspirational quotes.  Perhaps that makes me a nerd, but really...I don't care.  It's sometimes what helps me get through a day or gets my thoughts down the right path as I'm getting ready for the day.  I wish I was better with creating all of these thought provoking sayings, so I resort to using other people's inspirational thoughts.

Now, how do I get these little words of wisdom.  Pinterest is a great place to find these quotes, but I wanted to use them in an effective way.  I also wanted this to be a way to add a little more personality to my classroom.  I made a frame for myself and my student teacher to write inspirational quotes on that would sit at our desks.  I bought cheapo 4x6 frames from Wal-Mart and found some scrapbook paper for the backgrounds.  I use a dry-erase marker to write on the glass.  And VOILA!  Instant inspiration on a budget!

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