Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Busted! Treble and Bass Clef Versions

This summer I came across a rhythm game on Pinterest called Busted! It seemed really fun and SUPER easy to make!  All I needed was some color craft sticks. It's a game where kids go around the circle and take turns pulling a stick from a cup/jar and say the rhythm on the stick. It's cumulative, so each time they pulled a stick, they had to start with their first one and say all that they had in order. Well, if someone pulled a Busted! stick, they needed to put all the rhythm sticks back into the cup and start all over. You play the game until all sticks are out.

**See the original pin here from Stay Tuned! by Steph.  Great blog!  Thank you for the inspiration for another version!

So, I was sitting around my house on the multiple snow days we had this year (count 'em: 6 snow days!) We've only had 1 in the past 5 years!  I digress...back to my inspiration.

My students LOVE Busted! So, I thought, HEY!  ...why not create a pitch name one both for Treble and Bass Clef?!  So, I did!  I love it when I get a clever moment.

It essentially is played the same, but instead of saying all the rhythms, kids pull a stick and say the pitch name, and they need to go back and each one in a row. When a Busted! stick is pulled, then all the pitch name sticks are returned to the cup.

Game directions:

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  1. Did you use something to help keep the lines so straight or did you just eyeball it? Did you use a fine tip Sharpie? I have made the rhythm one and my kids love it and I love this idea!