Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bottle Cap Rhythms

I'm in center creation mode! My 4th graders are in the midst of Recorder Karate for the remainder of the school year and I am approaching how they learn recorder through a centers-based classroom. It is my hope to one day begin implementing the same approach with other grade levels when learning about a certain concept that they have time to work in centers to independently learn said concept.

SO-I am a Pinterest freak! I love finding new ideas and using them or modifying for my use in my classroom. I found a picture of Bottle Cap Rhythms on Pinterest, but it only linked to a picture. So, to whomever thought of this, THANK YOU! I am excited for my students to use them as part of their centers this week!

How to make:

1.  Bottle Caps:
Where did you get all those bottle caps?

  • I sent an email out to the staff here at school requesting that any bottle cap that they use that they would send them my way.
  • I slowly collected them for a month, and I have MORE than enough. I'm going to save extras for other possible centers ideas with pitch names or music symbols, etc.

2. Labels:

  • I used the typical Garage Sale dot stickers from Office Depot to write the rhythms, time signatures, and bar lines on.
  • They fit PERFECTLY onto water and pop/soda caps.

3.  Storage:

  • I used your typical pencil box to store all the bottle caps and directions in. I used a half sheet to print directions and notation values onto.

How To Play

It's pretty straight forward, I created some directions for kids with the backside showing the notes they can use and their values.


1.  Choose a Time Signature and place in front.
2.  Create rhythms using the bottle caps as notation.
3.  Use Bar Lines to separate measures.
4.  Use the Double Bar Line to finish your rhythm.
5.  Make sure that each Measure (space between the bar lines) has the correct number of beats that matches your time signature.
6.  Clap and Say your rhythm.
7.  Play again!

*I will be adding a step for recorder where kids choose a pitch and play the rhythm on the their recorder.

Notation side of directions with the values to assist kids in accurately grouping notes into measures.

Example of a created rhythm for students to clap and say/play.

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  1. This is awesome! I can't wait to collect a bunch of caps this summer and make sets. Curious: how many students can play out of one box/set of caps, and do you use different colors to indicate different things? (I'm thinking if the bar lines were some other color besides red, they might stand out more clearly when you are glancing to see how they successful someone is with their measures) - do you have students write down their rights so you can assess? Thanks, again, for taking the time to blog.